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Ralco Agencies Ltd is one of Israel's leading companies - importing, distributing and selling electrical and electronic appliances and products manufactured by leading global giants in this sector - ZANUSSI (by Electrolux), SHARP and Blomberg (by Arçelik).

The wide range of products imported by Ralco includes refrigerators, LCD TVs, washing machines, microwave ovens, built in ovens, tumble dryers, dishwashers, stoves [hobs] and vacuum cleaners.

Ralco's reputation is second to none, thanks to the quality of its products as well as the all-round after sales support it provides its customers in Israel. Customer satisfaction is at the top Ralco's priority list and as such, the company insists on continuously updating the varied range of products it offers the market.

Holding Structure

Ralco Agencies Ltd was established by way of a merger of Chef Agencies Ltd which had been, since 1983, the exclusive importer and distributor of Zanussi products, and the Consumer Products' Division of Techno Ralco, the sole agent for Sharp products in Israel since 1993.

In November of 1992, Chef Agencies Ltd became a public company and as of 1993, its shares have been traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

The chart below illustrates the holding structure of the active companies within the Ralco Group:


Subsidiary Company - Ralco Consumer Products Ltd.
The Ralco Consumer Products Ltd subsidiary is involved with the import, marketing and distribution of electrical and electronic appliances and products for domestic use manufactured by SHARP and BLOMBERG

Subsidiary company - Zen Agencies Ltd. 

Ralco's subsidiary, Zen Agencies Ltd is responsible for the import, marketing and distribution of domestic electrical appliances manufactured by ZANUSSI.

Share Holders

Yaron Ruziak who is the acting chair of the company's board of directors, hold 60% of the company's shares.

Ilan Mizrhi how is the C.E.O of the company hold 10% of the company shares.

30% of the company's shares are held by the public.

The Company's Organisational Structure

The Ralco Group numbers some 60 employees. They are divided mainly between the headquarters' units and sales executives.

The various headquarters units work in synergy and serve the two main areas of the company's operations, covering the following sectors: logistics, procurement and import systems, marketing and distribution systems, as well as advertising and administrative and financial management.

The company's offices are located on the Azor industrial estate.

The Ralco Group outsources logistics services which take care of the storage and distribution of the various products which in turn, are supplied to either business outlets and or directly to customers' homes having first gone through a process of monitoring and coordinating with the customers.

After sales service for the company's products is also outsourced, distributed between six main branches as well as dozens of additional service points spread throughout the country. Their main focus is to offer after sales service to customers, providing rapid, efficient and satisfactory service.

The Company's Brands

SHARP - Tradition, Innovation and Energy

SHARP was established over 100 years ago. The company's founder, Tokuji Hayakawa started, in 1912, a metal workshop in Tokyo making snap buckles. Three year later he invented the first ever mechanical pencil, the "Ever Ready Sharp Pencil" from which the Sharp Corporation derived its name.

Today, the company's range of products stretches from domestic electrical products such as LCD televisions and hearing aids to 'white goods' such as refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens, office equipment such as photo copying machines and printers, mobile phones and a variety of products using photo voltaic technologies.

The SHARP Corporation is amongst the foremost innovative companies, developing as well as manufacturing, products using LCD technologies as well as electronic components for the optical electronic and in the field of infra-red and flash memory.   

As a Japanese corporation with a long tradition, financial might, power and innovation, SHARP Corporation inspires confidence in its customers as well as its investors.

As a corporation SHARP has its research and development resources spread all around the globe, where it employs more than 8000 scientists, engineers and technology specialists diligently striving to find ground breaking solutions.

The corporation's ethos is summed up in their motto: "We make products that others want to imitate" with a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly 'green' products.

Blomberg - more than 120 years of history

Blomberg was founded by Bernard Blomberg in 1883 in Germany, as a metal manufacturer. The company had gradually left the metal industry, and established a supply chain for household appliances in 1935. Insightfully, the company started producing washing machines in 1949. Blomberg introduced Germany's first washing machine with an external balance control in 1979, and started producing fully automatic washing machines in 1981.

Blomberg was bought in 2002 by Arçelik A.Ş., the 3rd largest household appliances manufacturer in Europe. In 2004, the company introduced a brand new global line of products under the Blomberg brand, which included a wide variety of appliances. Today, Blomberg is known as a high quality brand, a trustworthy partner for end-users and retailers alike, which offers a wide variety of products to its customers all around the world.

The company's vision is a world of…

  • Harmony with nature, with products aimed to preserve natural resources
  • Harmony with you, with practical solutions, unique innovations and uncompromised quality.
  • Harmony with home, with universally designed and styled products.


Zanussi - Italian Heritage

The Zanussi Company began at the small workshop of Antonio Zanussi back in 1916 where he hand manufactured domestic stoves and wood-burning ovens. In 1958 the company produced its first washing machine and in 1959 its first refrigerator was manufactured. In 1965 Zanussi's first ever dish washer was produced and in 1985 Zanussi became part of Electrolux, one of the biggest global manufactures of domestic electrical appliances.

Today the Zanussi brand is considered to be one of Europe's leading electrical brands. The company sells some 42 million products a year and in fact, every fifth household in Europe owns at least one of Zanussi's products.

In 2010, the company launched its 'Easy' range which became a running success and garnered numerous prizes.

The company's charter states: "One hundred years have passed and we are still committed and dedicated to producing appliances which are reliable, simple to use making our life easier and at the same time look great"

The Company's Clients

Ralco group distributes and markets its imported products to privately owned businesses as well as retail chains specialising in the marketing of electronic and electrical appliances and products.

Ralco Group also maintains an outlet store selling ex display and surplus appliances. The outlet store is located at 31, HaMetzudah Street, Azor.

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